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 The Lawrence Arts House (LA House) is an expressive arts open studio which serves as a home for authentic expression and healing through the arts. Through our community based arts programming we offer safe spaces for creative exploration, personal reflection, and growth as individuals and community members. LA House seeks to empower individuals as active agents for change, ultimately supporting the larger growth and development of individuals, families and their communities.  


We are located in Lawrence, MA and are driven to create a safe, accessible space for all ages to innovate, awaken curiosity, and cultivate creative engagement with the larger community.

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What We Do at La House

As an expressive arts open studio, the space offers both structured and unstructured activities for art participants to create and explore through a variety of mediums in a safe, nurturing environment. Programming includes 'pop-up studios' in schools and local organizations, making arts accessible in a variety of spaces. We also offer structured expressive arts classes exploring drawing, creative movement, crafts, and innovation. By offering a variety of artistic modalities (visual arts, storytelling, movement, music, drama, literature, to name a few) the studio nurtures and supports unique artistic processes to anyone willing to explore the arts. These sessions introduce individuals to a variety of techniques and modes of expression, and are structured in a way in which each participant can engage in their own artistic project and process.

La House is made possible by our fiscal sponsor the Marion Institute as one of their greenhouse initiatives. The Marion Institute is based out of the South coast of Massachusetts and is an incubator of innovative models for social change. They support visionary leaders and programs, like La House, in creating progress around the world.

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